Wrestling is All About the Mat

The art and sport of wrestling requires a few pieces of safety equipment, but the most important is definitely the mat. Why? Because the majority of the sport takes place with bodies in significant contact with the mat, sometimes with the weight of the opponent added on top. Even training and learning holds are about being in contact with the mat – it’s the foundation of the sport.

Without the right type of mat for wrestling, injuries become more frequent as do the smaller annoyances like abrasions and cuts. With experience manufacturing a variety of gym mats, we know precisely the right density to use for long-term safety and comfort in our wrestling mats.

We create high-quality mats with a durable foam core and seamless cover, so there is no worry of snagging, discomfort or weakening. Plus, we can fabricate the custom size that’s ideal for your facility and participant use whether the focus is on beginners, advanced wrestlers or both.

Contact us about your unique needs and let us create the ideal solution for the wrestlers who rely on you for safety, learning and fun.

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