Supporting Canadian Athletes

In August, Canadians will be flocking to Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics. For those of us not lucky enough to be in attendance, we’ll be glued to the tube to see if the Canadian “Own the Podium” program is still putting our athletes where they belong (at least in our eyes) – that is, on the podium.

As a non-profit organization, Own the Podium may seem like it’s just about ensuring Canadian athletes win more Olympic and Paralympic medals, but this is only part of it. By encouraging athletes to strive for their best through its funding of sports organizations, Own the Podium is generating more national pride and creating sports careers throughout the country.

The Summer Olympics is more than swimming and diving. There are also events near and dear to our hearts like trampoline, boxing, gymnastics and wrestling. It’s possible that some of the Canadians competing in these sports earned part of their skills while using mats and foam supplied by BFF!  😉

Congratulations to all the athletes and good luck!


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