BFF Athletics has the expertise, production capacity and equipment to help supply gymnastics facilities and clubs with all their foam needs, from standard mats and pads, to highly customized requests. Here’s a sample of our current standard items; please talk to one of our sales team to find out more about how we can be part of your custom foam solution.

For many of our products, we use VinaGym® material for our covers, which are strong, durable and a lighter weight material, which reduces the overall weight of the mats. VinaGym® is certififed to be free of phthalate, lead and heavy metals, and has low VOCs.

Replacement Covers and Foam

It is not always necessary to replace the entire unit. When either the cover or the foam inside is still good, we offer replacement options that can be manufactured to fit your specifications.

Gym Pit Cubes

BFF Athletics offers high quality gym pit foam blocks in a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes. Whether you need to fill a new pit or replace the cubes in an existing pit, we can supply the cubes to fit your needs.

Pit Module

This portable skill training mat includes an internal lattice-style foam which allows air to move easily through it when in use. Available in custom sizes and densities to fit your needs.

Training Mats

These mats are used throughout the gym for a variety of activities, and can be customized with thickness, density, and handle location for easy portability. Standardized mats come in thicknesses ranging from four to eight inches, with a firmer density foam, and mesh incorporated into the cover for easy air release.

Throw Mats

Frequently used in conjunction with training mats or other foam products, these covered mats are a necessity in every gym. Custom options for folding mats are available, as well as custom sizes, densities and thicknesses. Standard mats are four inches in thickness.

Sting Mats

Also known as a “soft spot mat,” this softer, thinner mat helps soften the “sting” by being used together with other mats or surfaces, in both training and competition. Standard sting mats are two inches thick; talk to our sales team about customizing with different sizes and thicknesses, handles, Velcro closures or foldability, as required.

Spotting Blocks

High density covered foam block useful for coaches and spotters to help gymnasts during certain training exercises. Available in a variety of sizes as required.

Foam Table Trainer

Covered foam vaulting table allows for training on a softer surface prior to beginning with a vault. Standard and custom sizing available.

Multi Blocks

Stacked, multi-sized blocks for a variety of uses around the gym, for all ages. Can be customized with sizing, Velcro, handles and more.

Incline Mats

Wedge-shaped mats for a variety of purposes in a range of sizes for use with children up to adult.

Pit Edging

Protective foam edging for foam pits can be customized for an individual gym’s requirements.