Creating the Ideal Fitness Facility

In the last few decades, few trends have seen the positive growth and acceptance that the need for a gym or fitness club for “everyday people” has.  It was thought, just a little over 50 years ago, that working out and exercise would wear the body out faster.

We’ve come a long way, and so have fitness facilities. While we’ll help ensure you have the right kind of flooring and padded protection throughout your gym (from the yoga centre to the weight room, the child care area to the court), there are a number of key points to follow to keep things running smoothly to ensure your members are meeting their goals and staying happy. We’ve noted 5 here to get you thinking about best practices for your facility.

  1. Plan group or organized classes weeks, or months in advance and don’t make changes unless necessary due to staffing, growth or demand. Random changes will annoy regulars and confuse newbies.
  2. Have personal trainers on staff with a variety of backgrounds, approaches and philosophies.
  3. Incorporate space for people to meet and discuss goals; facilitate fitness or weight loss meeting groups to create support and encouragement.
  4. Consider adding food options like healthy bars, smoothies and fruit for sale.
  5. Keep upgrading equipment. The new options to integrate workouts with personal devices are attractive to reluctant exercisers and fitness buffs alike.

Remember to contact us for any help you need in determining padding, mats and blocks.


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