BFF Athletics supplies high quality, specialized foam products to sports facilities and clubs with an unparalleled level of customer support and flexibility.

We care about your safety, and the environment. Our Athletic foam products, are free of Fire Retardant additives, CFCs and PBDEs, with water or CO2 used for blowing agents. Many grades of our foam feature natural vegetable-based polyols, and the glue we use in our manufacturing is a non-toxic, water-based adhesive that has Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification.


Featured Products


Pit Cubes

We manufacture high quality gym pit foam blocks for gymnastics and other uses. Whether you need to fill a new pit or replace the cubes in an existing pit, we can supply the cubes to fit your needs.


Crash Mats

Our mats and flooring are manufactured with a soft core of prime 100% unfilled polyurethane foam for excellent protective cushioning during training. Our high quality crash mats offer both stability and durability that performance athletes demand.

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